Dani’el (Dance)

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “coffee-table music”. If not, then it’s generally used to describe unadventurous, ultra-polished, derivative music that’s bought by people who, as a rule, don’t have any particular interest in the subject at all, and used to leave on obvious display in their homes to try and impress dinner party guests into thinking they’re “cool” or that they keep up with current trends. It’s the watering-down of cutting-edge sounds, produced for the consumption of folks who’d rather talk about mortgages and popping to the garden centre at the weekend than getting sweaty at a gig or in a club. There can be a fine line between classy, well-made, credible music and this vacuous, mechanically-recovered music substitute.

Croatian artist Dani’el Majcen confidently struts along the correct side of this line, probably laughing at those whose mass-produced pap captures what’s left of the fading imaginations of those people who’ve given up on all that made their younger lives seem so exciting. He fearlessly switches between sharper, new-wave style electro-pop (Depeche Mode would be a good comparison) and the kind of soulful, clean, and inch-perfect tunes that bridge the divide between the dancefloor and the chill-out room.


‘Safe’ is one such track, its slick house beats mingling with shimmering electronics and strong, impassioned vocals that come to life even more when listened to closely through a top quality stereo system or set of headphones. This tune is modern, cosmopolitan and full of feeling; it makes you want to live life, not give up on it and move to suburbia. There are so many acts who churn out glossy, uninspired, and just plain dull versions of dance-influenced pop, so it’s refreshing and reassuring to hear someone who’s the real deal. Forget your coffee and after dinner mints, make mine an ice-cold bottle of premium, continental lager, and let’s head out for the night instead.

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Article by Kev Wright

Founder & CEO of Chartburst.

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