Maddie Deneault (Alt-country/Pop)


The combination between country and pop music has always fascinated and drawn me in due to the rustic feel of the country-like melody, and the overly happy swing of pop music. It’s like the crisp taste of freshly baked bread, dipped into a beautiful homemade tomato sauce. By combining these two musical genres, you are left with one perfect element of quirkiness. Taylor Swift is probably the most famous pop-country singer today, and Maddie Deneault‘s songs show a clear influence from Taylor Swift, regarding lyrics, vocals, and even image.

Nonetheless, her voice is beautiful, and her lyrics echo a pretty sense of youth, making them resonate with teenage girls which, again, is very much like Taylor Swift. Although Maddie Deneault has a mountain of potential, I believe she needs to find the one thing that makes her unique – her own sound, and then she’ll fly. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed her songs. I have recommended them to everyone and have only received positive feedback.

‘She Don’t Play Guitar’ is by far my favourite song, and has that summer-like, bright pink and glitter feeling about it. I can visualise this being blared out of speakers at a BBQ, and it has that instant happy feel about it. It screams summer all over. The lyrics bring hopefulness and make those memories of teenage romances rush back in full force. There’s something nostalgic about it, but you can’t help but grin when listening to this song. Maddie’s reinforcing that there’s one thing that you will always have that the “pretty little blonde” won’t, in this case, the ability to play guitar and share music. This notion and message is a beautiful one to share to heartbroken teenagers who are experiencing their first stab of heartbreak. It could piece them back together. She moved me so much, making my expectations sky high for this upcoming artist. High expectations, yes, but after careful consideration, they’re perfectly realistic.

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Article by Nadine Bolt

Founder & CEO of Chartburst.

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